Volunteer Spotlight: Mark Riebe, Transportation Driver

National Volunteer Week, April 10-16, is a time to celebrate volunteers. This year’s theme, Celebrating People in Action, aptly describes volunteers from Northeast Wisconsin. Red Cross volunteers are doers. Red Cross volunteers are people in action. Learn more about some of the amazing people who give of their time, talent, money and blood to support the organization.

As a transportation driver for the American Red Cross, Mark Riebe is responsible for getting people in need to medical appointments, the grocery store, and anywhere else they may need to go.  He enjoys talking with his passengers about the “old days”. 

Mark was an insurance adjuster for 25 years and a long time financial supporter of the Red Cross.  After he retired he wanted to do something that would benefit those who needed help. “What better place to volunteer than the Red Cross?” 

Mark was drawn to the transportation program.  “Speaking for myself, that would be the single most difficult thing to lose, your ability to drive and thus your independence.”

Mark’s wife is a full time kindergarten teacher for the Green Bay School District.  When he’s not driving, he is busy taking care of the house.  He does all the cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping.  As he says: “What can be better than coming home after working all day with 5 and 6 year olds and having a nice meal and a clean house?”

Mark’s advice for anyone thinking about volunteering:  “Don’t wait for the other guy to do it.  The warm feeling you get when someone tells you how much they appreciate the ride you just gave them is better than anything else you can imagine.”

If you would like to volunteer as a transportation driver, contact Jody Weyers, Volunteer Director, American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter at 920-227-4287 or weyersj@arclakeland.org

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