Northeast WI Regional Report for 2008 is here!

December 31, 2008

Dear Partners:

 It’s been a busy year for your local American Red Cross Chapters and we are proud to present our first Northeast WI Regional Report to the Community. We welcome your questions, comments and can provide additional details, photograph and welcome a whole gamut of story-lines and interview options.

 Throughout this past year, we have also grown as a Region. We have streamlined operations, implemented our strategic plan and are planning individual Chapter and regional growth to serve the Northeast WI Region including the Michigan border communities even better. We’re excited for the year ahead and we look forward to your partnership. Together, we can prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.

 You no doubt-ably know we provide emergency assistance. But did you know our teams are called into action basically ever-other day? The massive June flooding counts as one-disaster and more than 90% of our calls are for residential fires. Sadly, most could be prevented. With more than two-dozen fires in the past month alone, our financial resources have been strained. However, through thick and thin, all our disaster assistance is free just when people need a little help the most.

 We supported nearly 2,000 military families through emergency messages, transportation, and pre-deployment briefings. Our work in multiple VA hospitals is year-round and expanding this next year thanks to new grant funding.

 Our Health & Safety training spans from youth education to our elders. With more than 70,000 trained and refreshed in life-saving skills, we have saved countless lives. Our work isn’t over, kids still drown, not every business has individuals certified in life-saving skills, nor does every household. Our goals are high. A few hours in a class could mean the difference between life and death. One of the life-saving stories on CNN this past weekend was based on a babysitting class participant.

 Our community programs are unsung heroes. These specialty programs are based on the need of our specific populations; they often focus on un-met needs. For example:

·        Lakeland Chapter provided almost 68,000 rides to for those 60+ or with a disability to get to needed medical, employment and other appointments

·        Neenah-Menasha Chapter provides an emergency food pantry

·        Outagamie Chapter Shopping & Errands program helps senior, homebound and/or disabled with services so they can remain in their home

·        Fond du Lac provides an outstanding teen & young adult leadership programs

·        East Central Chapter administers the Bridges program to support heating, rental and emergency funding for residents. With tough economic times, the demand is growing. A medical equipment loan program also provides extensive cost savings to individuals and families.

 Every two seconds someone in the USA needs the gift of life. Through 676 blood drives, our supporters saved hundreds of lives. This easy self-less act, give so much to someone you may never know. We’re proud to provide half the nations blood supply.  



 The American Red Cross is a dynamic organization that has served the country since 1881. With this being said, it’s amazing to learn that much of what is accomplished 24/7/365 is done by countless volunteers whom give gifts of time, energy and knowledge. Each volunteer has their own story, their reason for giving back. It’s our honor to call them our partners and brand ambassadors.

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