Volunteer Spotlight: Marcia Janezic

Marcia at the Packers Tailgate Tour in Marinette to benefit the Red Cross

Six years ago Marcia Janezic was asked to join the Marinette Menominee Board by a friend and board member who knew the board needed someone with her marketing background. Also serving on the fundraising committee seemed like a natural fit to her. Those who work with her recognize her passion.

“Marcia is always thinking outside the box,” says Debbie Haduch, Marinette/Menominee Area Director. “She’s thinking of ways we can express ourselves more and what steps we need to take to get to where we need to be.”

Marcia is Assistant Vice President of Marketing at Stephenson National Bank & Trust. She says her employer is very supportive of employee community involvement, which makes it easier for her to contribute time. Previously Marcia was the Director of Marketing and Development for Goodwill Industries.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Alma College in lower Michigan. She’s lived in the Detroit area twice along with Connecticut, Atlanta, and Milwaukee.

“Parenting is the toughest and most rewarding challenge ever,” says Marcia. She lives in Menominee with her 11-year old son. She says it was easier to volunteer when he was younger but his activities mean she is needed as chauffeur and as his cheerleader.

Marcia still manages to find time to be a kid with her son but also be a great role model in her community service. “My parents were great role models for “giving back to the community” and so I was involved in various service organizations while growing up,” says Marcia

When I moved back to the area, it was natural for me to get involved.  It’s easier in a smaller community to see the needs others have and discover ways you can volunteer,” says Marica.

Marcia serves the community as M&M Community Foundation Marketing Committee Chair, Leadership Academy Steering Committee and Blesch School volunteer.

When she finds some free time she might be waiting in line for a roller coaster with her son.  She also enjoys skiing, kayaking, sailing, reading, gardening, hiking and biking. Whether it’s for work or play, Marcia brings her passion for life.