Real Stories:Real People – How the Red Cross started our journey with triumph over tragedy

By Sheri Sorenson: 

In the early morning hours of October 9, 2010 our home as we knew it was gone to a devastating fire. Our oldest son was home and a friend of his was over. We were at our camper an hour away with our daughter and our middle son worked nights so he was at work. The smoke alarms sounded and in less than a half an hour our house was gone due to a timer in our landscape lights that was sitting next to our garage. Luckily Cody and his friend escaped without injury but he had no shoes or jacket as it was all destroyed.

Luckily the Red Cross sent a lovely older couple to the scene. We had to travel to get back so they gave Cody and his friend blankets and water and stood by them until we got back. When we arrived they met us and hugged us and told us they were there to help. They gave us blankets and reassured us we would be okay. We really had no place to go as it was 4 AM so they set us up in a motel for the next 3 days (including our dog) and called the motel to see if they served breakfast that morning and gave us gift cards to start to replace all of our lost things.

I truly appreciate all the Red Cross did for us. I guess until a tragedy hits home you don’t realize just how important they are in your community. They helped make a devasting situation somewhat bearable and helped us with lists of what we needed to do and checked up on us in the days to follow. We gave a presentation last year at the Dancing With the Stars fundraiser in Green Bay as a thank you and a testimonial of the great things the Red Cross stands for.

Hopefully you will never need their assistance but if you do rest assured that they will be there for you too. In April of 2011 we moved back to our lot with a brand new home built on it. It was an awful struggle to replace and rebuild our life, but the Red Cross started us in the right direction on that journey. Thank you!

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