Bringing Comfort & Care at a Time When Needed Most!

Blankets are more than just fabric & thread! The home-made blankets and quilts the American Red Cross receives from generous quilting clubs, church groups and youth organizations provide comfort and care during a time when a person needs it most.

Thank you to Maple Grove Countryside 4-H Club for giving of your time, talent and support to give comfort to those in need.

 Submitted by:  Stephanie Peterman, 4-H Leader

On Thursday, January 10th youth members of the Maple Grove Countryside 4-H Club of Shawano County met at the Pulaski High School to cut and tie a total of 10 fleece blankets.  Older youth did most all of the cutting of the ties while the younger members started tying the blankets.  This community service activity became one of the many community service projects that the 4-H club does throughout the year.


Blue Monkey, Basketballs &, Teddy Bears…

By Barbara Behling, American Red Cross, Communications Officer

Mary Preston, from Kohls, presents Disaster Action Team member, Vicki Jenks with blankets a few years ago at an event.

Mary Preston, from Kohls, presents Disaster Action Team member, Vicki Jenks with blankets a few years ago at an event.

On Monday, January 14th, the day started like any other for one Montello family. The father is up early and driven to work. His wife is home with a 4-year old and a younger pair of twins. What is then captured on the mother’s 911 call is harrowing as the house has started on fire.

She swiftly gathered the children in an up-stairs bedroom. The 911 dispatcher  (audio provided by Channel 3000) keeps her calm, instructs her to close the door, hug the floor as much as you can and open the window. Nothing was beneath them so she was not able to jump safely. You can hear the kids crying, the oldest even asked “are going to die?” She reassures them. Beep. Beep. Beep. The phone went silent.

Due to the fast-acting dispatcher and Montello and Princeton Fire Departments the children and the mom were rescued. After a few days in the hospital, they were all released.

The American Red Cross Disaster Team in Marquette County has been working with the family to help provide their basic needs. Not just a plan to move forward, we’ve provided glasses, medications, financial assistance and when the kids were handed Teddy Bears and Mickey Mouse dolls, their faces lit-up.

You see all their possessions except the diapers on their bottoms were lost. The kids even had great fun in selecting their own blankets. The parents were presented with hand-made quilts from the Coloma Quilting Club and the kids were giddy with their Kohl’s blankets one with a blue monkey, one with basketballs and yes, the other with Teddy Bears.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and our disaster workers, we make, building new, memories possible.

Click HERE to read the Portage Daily Registers account of this heroic story.

Maple Grove Countryside 4-H Club Makes Quilts for the Red Cross

Members of the Maple Grove Countryside 4-H Club in Pulaski made six tie quilts for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief. They had a quilt making/pizza party with two groups of students.  The older ones did the cutting and the younger ones did the tying.  Thank you for providing comfort and warmth to those who need it.

Bringing Comfort and Warmth to Those in Need

Minnie (from Pulaski) made these stuffed animals and baby quilts for the American Red Cross disaster clients in Northeast Wisconsin.  She is 82 years old and is a very creative and talented lady.  Her talents far exceed her age.  Everything from baking, writing poems and having them published, quilting, sewing and even painting.