Pet Safety from Bandit the Prepared Pug – Eye Emergencies

Bandit the Prepared Pug made his debut back in September, and he is back with additional safety tips for Pet Owners, that he found useful after downloading the new Red Cross Pet First Aid App.

IMG_20140312_183059Eye Emergencies

By Bandit the Prepared Pug:

These sunglasses are not just for looks. As a pug, my eyes are more susceptible to issues than most dogs so I have to protect them more (my mom gets worried when I bring her a stick). She downloaded the Red Cross Pet Safety app to know the signs of trouble: red, cloudy, have a discharge, or holding my eye closed or squinting. I am just hoping my eye never comes out of my socket (she learned to keep it moist using a sterile eye wash).

To learn more about eye emergencies and other pet safety tips, download the app directly from the iTunes, Google Play or Amazon Marketplace app stores.

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Red Cross – Preparedness Month – Pet Safety

by guest blogger:  Bandit the Prepared Pug

Bandit the Prepared Pug – Knows a Safe Place to Take Pets

IMAG0255-1-1Did you know if there was a disaster, I would not be allowed in a disaster shelter, even with this cute mug? If my mom and dad needed to find a place for us to stay in case of a disaster, they might not be able to find a hotel or motel that allows me. Luckily, my mom did her homework and found a listing of “pet friendly” hotels and motels after confirming if they had any restrictions on the number of “petite” pugs.

My mom also made a list of people that could take me in case something happens in Green Bay and the surrounding area. It includes friends, family and boarding facilities that can shelter me if an emergency happens.

She loves me so much, she laminated it.

FYI: Service animals are allowed in Red Cross shelters and in hotels and motels.

Bandit the Prepared Pug – Assembles a Pet Emergency Preparedness Kit

  • I am ready for any emergency!
  • I have my own bag with my name on it that has everything in my very own preparedness kit:
  • A copy of my veterinarian and HomeAgain (microchip) information
  • An extra leash and color
  • A small supply of food and treats
  • A current photo of me in case she has to ask if anyone has seen a super cute pug
  • My favorite treats and “Come here” saying, in case I decide to run on someone (FYI, I love to brush my teeth)

The one thing she needs to add is a first aid kit for me in case I would get injured, but she should probably take First Aid for Pets course offered through the Red Cross first.

IMG_20130911_175838Bandit the Prepared Pug – Helps Emergency Workers Help Pets

Sometimes I sleep in my kennel in the laundry away from my mom and dad. If a disaster would happen and my mom wasn’t able to get to me, people need to know where I am!

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (commonly known as the ASPCA) offers my mom and all other pet owners a free window decal alerting rescue personnel where a pet might be in a house. She visited to sign up for her free decal.

She’s always looking out for me. Best mom ever.