Reflection on the Operation Greatest Generation

By John Kost, Service to the Armed Forces Regional Manager

Jerry Prellwitz and John Kost in their WWII era American Red Cross uniforms.

American Red Cross Service to Armed Forces (SAF) attended Operation Greatest Generation at the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay Friday May 4th.  Operation Greatest Generation was a State of Wisconsin organized event to thank World War 2 Veterans their service.  Our role last Friday was to provide Canteen Service- a service American Red Cross SAF is historically known for and still continues to this day.Dressed in Red Cross era uniforms of the day, canteen service was provided at the train depot for the arriving and departing veterans and their families.  For all Red Crossers working it was memorable day listening to the veterans share stories of how Red Cross helped them, and how it must of felt at that time to be serving the many your soldiers, sailors, marines, and airman during the warDid you know the canteen corps of Red Cross during the war provided 163 million cups of coffee, 254 million doughnuts, and 121 million meals with a staff as large as 105,571 volunteers.  Many more services, almost long and forgottten, were provided during this time.To learn more about Red Cross during World War 2 visit the Red Cross Museum at:

WWII event National Railroad Museum