Book Teaches Children About Haiti Earthquake

By Sarah Thomsen, WBAY -TV 2: Click HERE  for Video of Story.

Nine months after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti, cleanup and recovery continue.

Now a local woman is trying to help victims — and help children understand what happened, in a unique way.

Kristin Martell read a special story to children at Butterfly Books in De Pere Thursday night. The story recounts the Haiti earthquake, but from a child’s perspective.

“I really wanted it to speak to children and help them understand what happened and not be too gruesome but bring them into what was going on and how they might feel,” Martell said.

Martell found herself glued to the television after the earthquake, wanting to help.

Since she couldn’t physically go there, she wrote and illustrated her book, Haiti Mon Amour.

She tells the story in French, since she teaches the language and Haitians speak Creole, which is similar to French.

It shows kids what life was like before the earthquake and after, and how the world helped.

Most of all, it helps them not to forget.

“What is an earthquake? Are the people OK? Are they still getting help? You know, keeping them in our memories and being able to help them continually, because it will take years for them to recover.”

All proceeds from this book go to the American Red Cross to help Haiti victims.

“That’s what I really want this book to do is help them feel like, yes, I helped them, I helped Haiti, I helped them try to recover from something so devastating.”