Kewaunee Celebrates our Veterans and Active Military

By John Kost, Regional Manager, Service to Armed Forces

Saturday, September 15, representing the Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) program I was with the community of Kewaunee celebrating Veterans and the work and sacrifices they have given to our country.  It is amazing to be in a close community such as this that takes time to honor and remember those who have served and continue to serve. Local veterans from past and current wars are coming through and sharing their experiences with each other and if you are lucky, as I am, they share a part of their service with you.

Kewaunee Preparedness Exercise for Point Beach Nuclear Plant

By Judy Gregory, American Red Cross, Regional Manager Disaster Planning

Monday, April 9, twenty members of our Disaster Response Team participated in an evaluated drill with Kewaunee County Emergency Management on response efforts if a disaster would occur at the Point Beach Nuclear Plant.

Emergency Management set up a mock reception center and shelter in the Luxemburg-Casco Middle School.  The evaluators, from FEMA, judged us on our ability to set up a facility that would register all the people who are evacuated from a contaminated area, operate a full functioning shelter and help reunite families.

We set up a mock shelter for the residents to go to. At the shelter we had Health Services, Mental Health Counselors, food, client caseworkers all available to meet the needs.  A Shelter would be maintained for as long as residents would be out of their homes. The FEMA evaluators spoke with people in charge of each area as well as the Shelter Manager, Logistic Chief and Operations Site Manager.

We will receive the outcome of this evaluated drill in a few months.

Thank you to all the volunteers for your participation and support to help make the Red Cross and our community prepared.

If you would like to learn more information on how you can be prepared click HERE.

To view pictures of the drill click HERE to visit the Kewaunee County Emergency Management Facebook page.