Student’s Mission: Save Haiti with 25 Cents

By Sarah Thomsen, WBAY 

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Have a quarter to spare? Twenty-five cents is all it takes to change lives when you see the world through Jonathan Gor-Don’s eyes.

The disaster in Haiti last month has sparked this Green Bay teenager into action.

“I think if everybody did come together and gave the gift of one quarter and knew it was going to, like, giving a child clean water or building a school or helping to gain some type of self reliance, I think the world would be a better place.”

This Green Bay East High School senior is trying to prove one person can make a difference.

He’s working hard to start a non-profit organization he thought of last summer called [Editor’s note: The web site is temporarily down.]

“I seen the statistic about how many people don’t have toilets in other countries, thought about 4th-12th grades just because young people would donate and thought about a quarter and just started multiplying.”

He says just one quarter from everyone at a home Packers game would raise $18,000. One quarter from every Wal-Mart employee would raise $333,000.

Or every student in Wisconsin in 4th through 12th grade, that’s $146,232.

To prove this can work, he’s starting close to home. Teachers at East High School encouraged him to help Haiti.

Friends helped him spread the message with a song on YouTube.

In one week, with Gor-Don’s message of donating just one quarter, 19 Green Bay schools raised more than $16,000 for Haiti disaster relief and donated it to the American Red Cross.

It’s a start, but clearly only the beginning of this 17-year-old’s mission.

“And it’ll work, you know,” Gor-Don said. “You take the dollar amount and divide it into quarters, and those quarters are dispersed out evenly, and it’s going to go to something positive.

The idea is big and bold, but then again, so is his heart.