How Does One Prepare for Glow Golf??

(l-r) American Red Cross Team: Jody Weyers, Chris Mangless, Cathy Dworak and Mary Swanson

(l-r) American Red Cross Team: Jody Weyers, Chris Mangless, Cathy Dworak and Mary Swanson

By Jody Weyers, Director of Communications

The Brown County United Way kicked off their campaign last night with their 6th Annual Glow Golf Campaign event.  They had a strong turnout of more than 170 attendees and 30 foursomes playing night time golf at Ledgeview Golf Course in Depere.

The American Red Cross, a United Way agency, received the call a couple weeks ago, that we were the winners of the nonprofit drawing that receive a free team.  (THANK YOU UNITED WAY) 

Never having participated in glow golf before, I did send an e-mail to our United Way contact asking some “preparedness” questions:

  • Do we use our own clubs or are there special “glow clubs”? Answer: You use your own clubs.
  • Do we have a special ball and how do we see the course: Answer: Glow sticks lining the fairway and we use a glow ball.
  • Nine hole or 18 scramble:  Answer:  Nine Hole Scramble (thank goodness!)
  • What to wear:  Answer:  Normal golf apparel, our fancy new United Way t-shirt we would receive at registration, or some foursomes dress in a theme.

I am feeling pretty good about the event, I asked my questions, shared them with my foursome and I am ready!

I get to the event, and I find out we are walking the entire nine holes.  If I would have thought about, it is probably not the safest thing to have 30 + teams riding around in the dark on a golf cart.  #fail 1

We are provided glow balls, necklace, and glow stick & flashlight to see your bag/ball and for us to be seen.  Not nearly enough glowing material. #fail 2 not bringing a headlight or some other additional lighting equipment.

Thanks goodness, one of our teammates was familiar with the course, because otherwise, it would have been impossible to know where to go for the next hole.  #fail3 Not getting a map of the course to know where to go.

No matter if it is Glow Golf, or a disaster such as a tornado, hurricane or fire, the key message is about being prepared!

I know next time I will be ready. I already started to assembly my kit!


  1. My United Way t-shirt to show my support.
  2. More glow sticks!
  3. Plenty of glow balls.
  4. Flashlight.
  5. Money – to buy raffles tickets to support the United Way.
  6. First aid kit.
  7. Toilet Paper and hand sanitizer — it is REALLY hard to see where the port-0-potties are on the course.
  8. Make sure to down-load the Red Cross First Aid app (just in case)…we are golfing in the dark after all, and not everyone yells FOOOORE!.

Thank you to my team mates for your support and for the many laughs. I am happy to report, we came in third place and no injuries. Success!!