Red Cross in Need of Volunteer Drivers

Thank you Fox 11 & Angela Kelly for focusing on our need for additional volunteer drivers today to support our Transportation Program!  IMAG1490 Fox 11 interview - Angela

The American Red Cross in Northeast Wisconsin is in need of volunteer drivers for its Transportation Services program. The program offers rides to individuals 60 or older or who have a disability and need transportation for a variety of reasons — from medical appointments to grocery store trips.

Currently, there are 80 volunteers who drive a fleet of 24 vehicles throughout the Green Bay metro, Pulaski areas and starting October 22, Denmark area.

Rides are available Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  It costs $3 per person, per one-way ride.

Click here for more information. Red Cross leaders say the program is in need of more volunteer drivers.

It’s one way you can be “Making A Difference.”  Click here to learn more about how to volunteer. FOX 11’s Angela Kelly learned more about the program for Wednesday’s Good Day Wisconsin.

Click on the video links to watch interviews with Red Cross leaders, current volunteer drivers and program clients.

American Red Cross Featured on CW 14 Focus

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Sunday, May 19 on CW 14 Focus host Robert Hornacek was joined by two guests from the American Red Cross.

Bob Mayer, health and safety logistics coordinator, and Jody Weyers, regional director of volunteers and communications, both from the American Red Cross, appeared on the program.

Mayer and Weyers spoke about the mission and work or the American Red Cross, including the group’s disaster relief services, blood donations program and community education programs.

They also spoke about the need for volunteers and about the many different types of work volunteers can do with the Red Cross.

CW 14 Focus is a weekly, half-hour interview program that focuses on the issues important to people in northeast Wisconsin. Each week, Robert Hornacek will sit down with a different guest and go beyond the sound bites. The program will highlight the people making a difference in the community and give viewers an opportunity to get in depth perspective. CW 14 airs Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

Red Cross offers cleanup kits

FOX 11 – Published : Thursday, 03 May 2012, 2:56 PM CDT

OSHKOSH – The  Northeast Wisconsin Red Cross chapter is offering residents free cleaning supplies. The Red Cross says residents can pick the supplies up at any time during normal business hours.

“We have cleanup kits at our office here on Washburn Street. And individuals can stop on by if they had flooding in their basements, or whatever. And we have bleach and other sorts of cleaning products in these kits that they might need to help with their cleanup process,” said Nick Cluppert, Red Cross.

The Red Cross asks that if you need a kit to call ahead. That number is (920) 231-3590.

Girls use CPR, help save Sheboygan mom

Would you know what to do in an emergency situation? Taking a Red Cross CPR class can help you learn how to care for a person having a heart attack and how to perform CPR for a person in cardiac arrest .   Often, cardiac emergencies happen at home or the workplace, so the life you may have to save could be that of a friend or loved one.

Click HERE to sign up for a training class in your area.

Fox 11 —- Laura Smith, FOX 11 News   Published : Friday, 02 Dec 2011, 11:47 AM CST

Click on photo for video

SHEBOYGAN – It was a life threatening situation for a Sheboygan mom when she suffered a severe asthma attack. “It makes you not want to take life for granted that’s for sure,” said Kandace Seyferth of Sheboygan. Seyferth found herself in trouble last week.

“I started wheezing and my chest was real tight and I told my daughter to get my inhaler,” said Seyferth. She said she felt better after a couple puffs, but then a severe asthma attack set in. “Me and Katie heard her wheezing,” said Seyferth’s 10-year-old daughter Maddie Kestell.

Kestell and her friend 12-year-old Katie Vreeke helped Seyferth downstairs.

“Then we got right to the point where the doors are, she collapsed,” said Kestell. As Seyferth lay on the living room floor, the two girls immediately took action.

“Katie’s like call 9-11, call 9-11 and I was like okay, okay. So I called them,” Kestell said. The girls say the 9-11 operator asked them if they knew how to perform CPR. Thanks to weekly watching of a medical TV drama, both said they did.

“Grey’s Anatomy,” said Kestell. While frightened and scared, both girls kept their cool working on Kestell’s mom until paramedics arrived.

“I did the chest compression, she like plugged her nose and breathed into her, and we just kept doing that until they came,” said Vreeke.

Paramedics say the girls’ quick thinking was essential as this was a life or death situation. “The CPR wasn’t ultimately necessary but the 9-11 call, had they not called 9-11, there’s a good chance their mother would not have survived,” said Sheboygan Firefighter and Paramedic Justin Langdon.

Seyferth says the girls are heroes in her book. “I’m so proud of my daughter, and her friend Katie, that I couldn’t even tell you how I feel about it, I’m grateful and happy to be here,” Seyferth said.

Massive fire in downtown Pulaski

Published :  Fox 11 — Saturday, 03 Dec 2011, 8:48 AM CST

Click on photo for video of story.

PULASKI – Electricity is back on to part of the 100 block of Pulaski Street in downtown Pulaski.

The only evidence that something major took place here nearly 24 ago are the large orange road blocks, blocking the intersection at West Pulaski and St. Augustine Drive.

According to officials, the fire broke out last night around 11:30 at Wood Lanes bowling alley, in Pulaski, located at 109 West Pulaski Street.

Fire officials say the only preliminary information they had was black smoke was coming from the building.

When crews arrived on scene, fire was coming through the front window and knew it was something serious.

“We were met with flames at the top of the stairs so we went to an exterior attack from that and after there,” said Pulaski Tri-County Fire Chief Randy Wichlacz. “It just snowballed.”

Wichlacz says the fire spread easily through the old buildings, jumping from roof to roof.

Pulaski fire activated the MABAS system, or mutual aid box alarm system, to help fight the fire.

“We had to call in tenders with water into the area simply because we didn’t have enough water,” said Wichlacz.

Firefighters battled the fire – and cold, potentially icy conditions – throughout the morning. Road salt was even brought out to keep the pools of water on the street from freezing over. Nearly 11 hours, 180 firefighters, more than 20 emergency agencies and 2 million gallons of water later, fire officials declared the fire was out and under control.

In the end, three buildings – the bowling alley, an apartment building and consignment store – are total losses. Two others, an insurance agency and vacant bar, suffered smoke and water damage.

Right now, government agencies are on their way to Pulaski to start their investigations.

Chief Wichlacz says West Pulaski Street will remain closed indefinitely until the investigation into the cause of the fire is concluded. He adds the reason state investigators are being brought in is because of the large scope of the damage – not because the fire is necessarily suspicious.

Two firefighters were injured in the initial stages of the blaze, one from Howard and the other from Pulaski. Those injuries were minor.

As for the future of downtown Pulaski, Village President Reed Woodward says they will rebuild.

“[We will] use whatever resources that are available to do whatever needs to be done to create a new downtown Pulaski,” said Woodward.

About 40 people were displaced from the block during the fire. All of the residents were able to escape safely. Those who have been displaced by the fire are being assisted by the American Red Cross.

If you would like to make a $10 donation to help the victims, text REDCROSS to 90999 or go to for other ways to donate.

***  Red Cross Footnote: Of the 40 people evacuated most were able to go back to their residents. Six people were displaced from their homes and the Red Cross, at this time, is assisting four adults with their emergency needs.

Pulaski bowling alley fire

Photo by Fox 11

Several local departments respond

Fox 11 – Saturday, 03 Dec 2011, 3:09 AM CST

Pulaski – Wood Lanes, a decades-old bowling alley in downtown  Pulaski, is up in flames, and the blaze may have spread to a building next door.

Our crew on the scene has not spoken with authorities yet, so it is unclear if there are any injuries or what may have caused the fire.

We’ll bring you a live report on Good Day Wisconsin and keep you updated as more details become available.

Red Cross Response:

Disaster Volunteers on the scene since early am providing coffee and snacks to the emergency crews (170+) responding to a fire at the Pulaski Bowling Alley. We are also working with families who had homes near the fire and are displaced. Will report additional information as we know it.


Daughter of soldier tugs at our hearts

Dad serving in Afghanistan

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Appleton – Natalie Ross told us she’s not crying about her father serving overseas because she’s “really happy” and she “wants him to help people.”

Natlie’s father is serving in Afghanistan.  He was home on leave, but left again on Sunday.

Natlie and some her friends at Apple Tree Connections Day Care Center in Appleton are making cards as part of the Holiday Mail for Heroes program.  Through December 9th, The American Red Cross and Pitney Bowes, Inc. will collect holiday cards from local school, businesses and events to send to troops overseas.

Are you interested in sending a card?

You can mail it to:

Holiday Mail For Heroes
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

For a full list of recommended guidelines to participate in the program, click here .



More Red Cross volunteers head south

23 Northeast Wisconsinites currently deployed

Click on the photo to see video of this story.

Flooding of the lower Mississippi River is getting worse, though much of Memphis was spared Tuesday.

Water flooded low-lying areas and submerged some homes.

Officials are cautiously optimistic that levees will hold, preventing widespread damage.

However volunteers, including some from Northeast Wisconsin, are pouring in to assist.

The American Red Cross says it now has 23 people from our area in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.

They’re helping with a previous disaster and the current one.

“People losing loved ones or neighbors that they’ve know for ages,” volunteer Joyce Keyes said. “You know they really get to you and you feel a lot of empathy for their loss.”

Keyes is stationed in North Central Alabama, one of the areas hit hardest by tornados in late April.

“The houses are just totally leveled the trees are stripped and broken,” she explained.

Luckily the area she’s in is not dealing with flooding.

As a mental health professional, her focus is on helping disaster victims deal with their emotional wounds.

Steven Maricque, Executive Director of the the Red Cross’s Lakeland Chapter, says people like Keyes are in demand right now.

Two more mental health workers from the area will leave for the South next week.

But, Maricque says all eyes are on Mississippi.

“It’s a fluid situation that develops day to day based on how that water is moving,” he said. “Do we get additional rainfall that might require more people?”

Maricque says the chapter’s emergency response vehicle is in Memphis with volunteers.

But the situation is taxing resources.

“We support and provide relief for over 75,000 disasters a year in this country, but the neighborhood fires the family fires those don’t stop,” Maricque said.

The Red Cross is hoping donations won’t either.

Agency efforts in the Alabama and Mississippi tornados are expected to cost $30 million, and the total is rising with the river in Tennessee.



Oconto County house damaged in fire

WLUK FOX 11:Published : Thursday, 14 Apr 2011, 2:13 AM CDT  Click HERE for video of Story

It took Oconto firefighters 35 minutes to battle an overnight house fire.

Officials say the fire broke out around 12:30 a.m. Thursday on the 300 block of Oconto at a multi-family home.

Officials say the fire started upstairs and that there’s extensive damage to that unit, while the lower unit had minor smoke and water damage.

Everyone inside the house was able to get out safely.

The Red Cross is helping those affected by the fire.

Crews battle another blaze at complex

Published : Sunday, 13 Mar 2011, 3:27 PM CDT – Click HERE for video of WLUK Fox 11 news story.

GREEN BAY, Wis. – Green Bay firefighters battled a blaze at an apartment building Sunday for the third time in the past few months.

Crews responded to the fire around 11:30 a.m. at 1413 S. Norwood Avenue. Officials say upon arrival, heavy smoke and flames were showing.

Everyone inside the complex was evacuated by the time crews arrived. Battalion Chief Paul Arvey said the fire was brought under control in approximately 15 minutes. Three units of the 10 unit apartment were heavily damaged by fire.

Land records show the value of the building at $238,600. The cause and origin are under investigation by GBFD Fire Marshals. Several residents were displaced and assisted by Red Cross. No injuries were reported. No damage estimate was available.