Partnerships Key in Helping Families Recover from Disasters

Guest Blog Post by Dawn Comer, American Red Cross, MI-WI Border Area Service Unit

Ask the average person about the Red Cross and chances are they will mention disasters like hurricanes and floods. But the majority of the disasters the local American Red Cross respond to are apartment and house fires, which affect families here.

At a scene, Red Cross volunteers work side-by-side with firefighters and other emergency personnel to ensure victims are given immediate relief. Immediate relief means getting them what they need most without waiting a day or more — food, lodging, clothing, medication replacement, and mental health counseling. In the days following a disaster, the Red Cross continues to work with families while they find ways to rebuild their lives.

All Red Cross disaster assistance is a free gift, made possible by the financial generosity of local citizens.

Recently there was a fire in Florence County, WI. Contact was made with the family affected by this fire by Disaster Action Team member Mike Petrick. In addition to the financial assistance given for food, clothing and bedding, arrangements were made to provide the client with a CPAP machine (CPAP is the safest, most effective treatment for sleep apnea) free of charge through the Reggie White Foundation in West Allis, Wisconsin. It is through the combined efforts of generous organizations such as these that families can start the process of recovery from such disasters and get the help they may so desperately need.

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