Going Head to Head for the American Red Cross; Still Time to Vote!

Join us as part of the Heroes for the American Red Cross campaign, area stylists are competing in Going Head to Head for the American Red Cross to be the top fundraiser while helping to raise awareness of the services provided by your LOCAL chapter.

From April 1st thru April 30th, for every $1 donated 1 vote will be tallied.  Donations benefit the Scenic Shores Chapter, serving Calumet, Manitowoc and Shegboygan counties.

For more information contact Cindy Vana at 920-684-6601 or vanac@mcredcross.org  or click HERE

Participating Salons & Barbershops: 
  • Hot Heads – Brillion
  • Image by Design – Kiel
  • Madison Style – Chilton
  • A Cut Above – Two Rivers
  • Creative Touch – Two Rivers
  • Crew’s Corner Barbershop – Manitowoc
  • GJ’s Salon ‘N Spa – Two Rivers
  • J Pennae & Associates – Manitowoc
  • Lords ‘N Ladies – Manitowoc
  • Rose Colored Glasses – Manitowoc
  • Southside Barbershop – Manitowoc
  • Twisted Scissors – Manitowoc
  • All Dolled Up / All Suited Up Salon & Spa – Plymouth
  • Beauty Within Hair, Nails & Tanning – Plymouth
  • BELLE AMI Salon & Spa – Elkhart Lake
  • Entourage Salon & Spa – Sheboygan
  • Falls Salon & Spa – Sheboygan Falls
  • Hair Graphics Salon & Day Spa – Sheboygan Falls
  • Michelle’s Shear Cuts Barber Shop – Random Lake
  • NOW & ZEN Hair Industries – Sheboygan
  • Salon at Sports Core – Kohler
  • Salon Shibui – Sheboygan
  • Shavers Stylists – Sheboygan
  • Shear Imagination – Cedar Grove
  • Styles on Broadway – Sheboygan
  • Tangles Hair Salon – Plymouth


Donating time, energy has its own rewards

For some workers, landing employment is bonus

Written by Larry Avila The Post-Crescent of Appleton

Lynda Lochmann and Cindy Vana, right, both of Manitowoc are shown at the 2009 Evening in Red, a fundraising event for the Scenic Shores Calumet Chapter of the American Red Cross. Vana was a Red Cross volunteer before landing a full-time post in July 2010. / File/Gannett Wisconsin Media

Volunteering for the American Red Cross paid plenty of dividends to Cindy Vana.

It introduced her to a world of human service organizations, which provide an assortment of support services to people in need but it also — unexpectedly — led to a full-time job.

“Since I became involved with the Red Cross, I experienced a lot of different things,” said Vana, who became community development manager with the Scenic Shores Chapter of the American Red Cross in Manitowoc in July 2010. “It obviously changed my life in a lot of ways.”

While volunteering led to full-time employment for Vana, she said there’s no guarantee that giving back will lead to a job, though it is another networking outlet, which can lead to different opportunities.

“It’s a great way to network with like-minded people as well as a rewarding experience to get together with other people who want to help make their community better,” Vana said.

Judy Handschke had been out of the work force for about 17 years, spending much of that time raising her family, until she got involved as a volunteer with ThedaCare.

She now works in medical records for ThedaCare Physicians-New London, a position she’s held the past four years. Prior to that she was a volunteer courier, running test results between facilities.

“I did that for about a year,” Handschke said of her days as a courier. “It was quite an opportunity for me.”

Handschke said she gave time to the schools where her children had attended.

“Before I started working full-time again, my life consisted of driving the kids around and volunteering at the schools,” she said. “I didn’t think when I volunteered at ThedaCare there would be a job involved some day.”

Win-win situation

Julia Drobeck, executive director of the Volunteer Center of East Central Wisconsin in Appleton, said it isn’t uncommon for people who volunteer time to a group or cause to find a job.

Drobeck has worked with Job Seekers, a networking group at Fox Valley Technical College, consisting of individuals searching for work who share job leads with each other.

Chris Czarnik, the facilitator for FVTC’s Job Seekers Network, said about 270 people have participated in the network the past two years. He estimates he’s referred around 50 people to the volunteer center.

Czarnik said the volunteer center works to match the skill sets of someone from Job Seekers with a nonprofit group or cause they are passionate about but need someone with a specific professional background, bookkeeping for example.

“If this person can volunteer with a group they truly want to give time to and use their professional skills at the same time, it’s a win-win for everyone,” Czarnik said. “It’s been a wonderful arrangement.”

Drobeck agrees.

“There have been a number of people who have come to us, asking for advice,” she said. “When you are looking for a job, networking can be useful tool. The more people you know, the more people who can tell you about opportunities.”

Drobeck said she doesn’t track how many people referred by Job Seekers to her organization were able to find work through volunteering but knows it has led to employment for a few individuals.

The Job Seekers referrals also have produced good volunteers, Drobeck said.

“It’s been a good relationship,” she said. “As people make connections and eventually get back on their feet, we understand if they do find work, that job will take priority but it’s also our hope they will see the benefit of volunteering and continue to give time.”

A chance opportunity

Handschke said being a patient at ThedaCare led her to volunteer with the health care provider. She learned staff was seeking someone who could shuttle items from the New London clinic to ThedaCare hospitals.

The job sounded simple, so Handschke volunteered to do it.

“From a patient’s perspective, it was great to see all the things that go on behind the scenes,” she said.

Handschke said she eventually learned of an opening in medical records, applied for the job and was hired.

“I guess I just lucked out,” she said.

Vana said she first saw the Red Cross in action after Hurricane Hugo struck South Carolina in 1989. Vana was living in Charleston at the time so she saw the devastation first hand.

“It was amazing to see how quickly they mobilized and they were there to help people get back on their feet,” Vana said.

She eventually moved back to Wisconsin, but the memories of South Carolina remained. In 2006, Vana began volunteering with fund raising for the Scenic Shores Red Cross chapter.

At that time she also began volunteering with other organizations including Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Northeast Wisconsin, the Domestic Violence Center and New North Inc., the regional economic development organization for Northeast Wisconsin.

“Getting involved with all these different groups, from a networking aspect was fantastic,” Vana said. “I met so many community leaders from across Northeast Wisconsin.”

While volunteering, Vana had been working for a local firm as a systems analyst in its information technology department.

She was serving on the board of the Scenic Shores Red Cross chapter when she learned of the job she holds today.

“Through my volunteer work with the Red Cross, I really got to know the staff and other volunteers,” Vana said. She resigned her board position and applied for the community development post.

The Red Cross and other human service organizations often collaborate, Vana said.

“I honestly didn’t know much about what nonprofits did before I became a volunteer,” she said. “But now that I know about so many organizations, I can direct people to resources that may be able to help them if they’re having a problem.”