Green Bay wants signs on fence taken down

By Scott Williams • • October 2, 2010 Green Bay Press Gazette

Packers fan faces fines if ‘extras’ violating city ordinance aren’t gone by Monday

Green Bay city officials are throwing a penalty flag on the latest creation by a fence-painting Green Bay Packers booster. 

The city has no complaint with painter Christopher Handler’s Lombardi Avenue fence slogan, “Packer Fans Bleed Green and Gold.”

But officials are warning Handler that he could be fined in municipal court because of other signs affixed to his display that promote nonprofits and a football merchandise website. Those extras violate a city ordinance against business signs on residential property.

“A fence is a fence — not a billboard,” said Alderman Chris Wery, who represents the area and said that neighbors raised concerns.

Unless the signs come down by Monday, Handler and property owner Luke Ziolkowski each could be issued a citation with a possible $681 fine.

Handler said he cannot believe that city government has any issue with his fun and civic-minded exhibition at 1219 Shadow Lane.

“It just blows my mind,” he said. “Why can’t they just leave it alone?”

Handler said he was inspired to select the “bleed green and gold” slogan after donating blood. The exhibition also includes signs promoting the American Red Cross, as well as Disabled American Veterans and a merchandising website that sponsored the fence project.

American Red Cross spokeswoman Sarah Barman said her organization has no complaint with the city.

“We appreciate the work that Chris did,” she said of Handler. “But we understand the city’s situation.”

Packers Fence Promotes Giving Blood

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Christopher Handler said he received between 900 and 1,000 suggestions for the slogan he planned to paint on a fence that faced Lombardi Avenue.

But it was his own inspiration after giving blood to the Lakeland Chapter of the American Red Cross 10 days ago that prompted the Green Bay painter to go with “PACKER FANS BLEED GREEN and GOLD” on the fence owned by Shadow Lane resident Luke Ziolkowski.

“Thinking about what the Red Cross does and the fact that today the focal point is on 9/11, it seemed like a good idea to emphasize something about helping others,” Handler said Saturday as he prepared to paint the fence. “Everyone can win by giving blood.”