Social volunteer Maya Reinfeldt found her way to give back “when nothing was certain”

By Katie Baneck, American Red Cross

All major news outlets share their stories via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, you name it; social media has easily become the go to place for people to get their daily news fix. The American Red Cross of Wisconsin is no different. Head to our Facebook page and you’ll see it’s up to date with upcoming events, current projects, and recent awards.

Sharing current events and good news are just some of the responsibilities of a Wisconsin Red Cross social media volunteer. Perhaps the most crucial responsibility is keeping our social media pages updated in the event of a disaster. Social media is one of the first places people look to when a disaster strikes, and keeping those pages updated with current information can often put the public at ease. Our social media volunteers work hard before, during and after those events to make sure our followers have the most up to date information on how to prepare, react and recover in the event of a disaster.

Maya Reinfeldt (at left), a senior at UW-Madison and Red Cross Social Media Volunteer, recently took the time to share her volunteer experience.

Why did you choose to get involved with the Red Cross?

Maya: “At the start of the [COVID-19] pandemic, I was feeling very frightened and helpless about the state of the world. The idea of volunteering with the Red Cross was very appealing, as it would allow me to do my part in helping others, no matter how small, at a time when nothing was certain.

I was enthusiastic about supporting the Red Cross’ operations and being as productive as I could in aiding others over quarantine.”

What was it about the social media role that was compelling to you?

Maya: “I believe that social media has the power to reach and affect countless people. It can spread valuable, life-saving information, instill hope, share stories, and provide resources. Being a part of this process was an excellent way to involve myself safely in the workings of the Red Cross.”

What are some of the things you’ve been involved with as a social volunteer?

Maya: “I’ve moderated both Wisconsin-based and nationwide questions to the Red Cross, I have shared stories and photos of the work the Wisconsin Red Cross is doing, and I’ve helped to publicize various events.”

How does it make you feel to be involved in this unique way?

Maya: “It makes me feel proud to know that the work I’m doing helps people in need, and helps the Red Cross to succeed in their mission. I also feel relief knowing that I found a way to help and to stay active in the community during the pandemic.”

The social media team provides numerous opportunities, almost entirely from the comfort of your own home. For information on how you can become a social media volunteer with the Red Cross – with local and national responses – reach out to our team at

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