(Re)introducing: Kyle Kriegl, Executive Director, Southwest Wisconsin Chapter of the American Red Cross

By Justin Kern, American Red Cross

After more than 20 years in various leadership and service roles at the American Red Cross, Kyle Kriegl is coming back to where it all started.

Kyle Kriegl has been named the new Executive Director for the Southwest Wisconsin Chapter of the Red Cross.

His Red Cross career started in 1997 as a health and safety director in Monroe and Juneau counties. After a stint in disaster and Service to the Armed Forces (SAF) in Portage County, he came to Madison to serve for years in emergency services and again in health and safety. During the 2000s, he also served as an interim executive in Racine and Janesville, as well as a national role to enhance chapter fundraising and service goals.

In 2008, he became the Chapter Executive in what is now the Northwest Wisconsin Chapter, the leadership role he’s held for the past 12 years.

Kyle Kriegl kicks off the 2020 Heroes Breakfast event in Eau Claire in March.

“I always wanted to come back to Madison if I had the chance. The years in Eau Claire [at the Northwest Wisconsin Chapter office] have helped me gain more executive experience – more experience in Training Services, International [Services] and SAF, Disaster Cycle Services, Biomedical Services. I have a good feel for all our lines of service,” Kriegl said. “I want to go and do great things in Madison.”

Over his career, he considers himself “lucky” to have worked with so many volunteers from the Wisconsin Region, including some from the Southwest Chapter like Sheila Sims and Dan Prevenas. And he said he’s stepping into this new role knowing that there are passionate, steady supporters and board directors, as well as a slew of successful blood drives like the annual “Beach Days” summer donation events in Madison.

Among his varied roles, Kyle shared a few of the Red Cross career highlights so far:

  • Reconnecting members of a Stevens Point family separated by strife in Cambodia, through his community partnerships and just before Christmas
  • Establishing a regional lifeguarding competition in Wisconsin Dells to encourage swim safety
  • Working with disaster teams to provide resources to families devastated by separate tornadoes in Chetek and Oakfield
  • Deploying to help people after Hurricane Katrina and 2003 flooding in Pennsylvania
  • Bolstering events like the annual Northwest Chapter Heroes Breakfast

Along with the career trajectory toward Madison, Kyle and his wife, Kristin, have family in Madison and love University of Wisconsin athletics – especially men’s basketball – and have nabbed pictures of every statue in the “Bucky on Parade” collection.

Kriegl, center, and Maggie Fischer, in volunteer services (at left), give items to volunteers at a 2018 appreciation event in Eau Claire.

Tom Mooney has been serving more than 12 years as Executive Director in the Southwest Chapter, in a dual role as Regional Chief Operating Officer (COO). The organizational shift to separate those roles enables Tom to solely focus as COO. 

Mark Thomas, Wisconsin Region Chief Executive Officer, said: “Tom has been a true community leader in every sense for the city and region he loves so much. We’re indebted to his years at the helm in the Madison area and look forward to the unique leadership he’ll continue to provide as COO.”

“In Kyle Kriegl, we have an experienced Red Cross leader with the drive to lead our mission in Madison, La Crosse, Beloit, Janesville, Tomah and throughout southwestern Wisconsin,” Thomas added.

Kyle’s first official day in the new Executive Director role is Monday, Nov. 30. For information on the opportunity to lead our Northwest Wisconsin Chapter, visit the Red Cross careers page.

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