Volunteer of the Month – Larry Griffin

Larry Griffin 2

Congratulations, to Larry Griffin on being named the September 2015 American Red Cross Volunteer of the Month!

When Larry retired in 2012, he along with his wife Pat decided that volunteering for the Red Cross Disaster Cycle Service (DSC) efforts would be worthwhile. Larry stated, “I now realize, more and more, the many facets in which the Red Cross is active, preparing to prevent misfortunes, is as important as responding to disasters, is as important as providing ways to recover from a loss.”

The Red Cross is so thrilled to have volunteers like Larry. “Larry is always not only willing to help but expresses gratitude when called out to a disaster site,” says Jenny Legaspi, Red Cross Disaster Program Manager. As a Disaster Action Team (DAT) volunteer he shows a high level of commitment. “Larry consistently signs-up for DAT response shifts. Even when not on-call, he is happy to assist with a response whenever he is available,” states Luong Huynh, Red Cross Disaster Program Specialist.

As a Red Cross volunteer, Larry serves as a DAT member, helping people during times of disaster.  “We help people who experience a sudden misfortune due to fire, storm or other unexpected cause,” Larry states. Larry enjoys providing comfort to clients and working professionally with first responders to ensure community members are supported during times of disaster. “He’s the guy that I would want to come and help me!” notes Barbara Behling.

Larry is also making significant contributes to the Red Cross Preparedness Programs while volunteering with the Home Fire Prevention Campaign. This Campaign involves Red Cross volunteers joining with local fire departments and community groups to visit neighborhoods at high risk for fires. Visits include educating people about fire safety, creating safety plans and installing free smoke alarms in homes. View this link to see Larry and other Red Cross DAT team members in action!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI5DfmVYIIc

“When volunteering with the Home Fire Preparedness Program, Larry has become my go-to Documenter and Reporter Lead. His reporting is accurate and I can always count on him to train new volunteers in the role,” Luong Huynh DPS.  Over the last six months, Larry devotion has been evident as he has now volunteered at five separate Home Fire Preparedness events and helped to install sixty-four smoke alarms in homes. “I take satisfaction in possibly preventing a house fire and saving a life,” Larry state

Larry’s humble response when asked of this honor was simple, “Really my efforts have not been any greater than that of other Red Cross members. Anyone who becomes involved with the Red Cross will feel the same way!” Thank you, Larry, for making a real difference in your community and the Red Cross!

Join us! Volunteer like Larry and help your neighbors recover from disasters like home fires by becoming a Red Cross volunteer. Contact the Red Cross to get trained.

To learn more, visit www.redcross.org/volunteer or contact the office of Volunteer Resources at volunteerwisconsin@redcross.org.

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