Stop & Take a Pause…..

 By Jody Weyers, Volunteer and Communications Director 

???????????????????????????????Sometimes you come across something that makes you stop and pause.  That happened to me today.  March 8, 2014 we lost long time blood donor and volunteer James Coleman. He was a proud Red Cross volunteer and blood advocate. As I was going through some files today, I came across this poem he wrote.



“Today while working at a Red Cross Blood Drive
I realized how great it is to be alive
The Blood they donated helps so many
And what they give does not cost a penny
The friendship we share plus the smiles on each face
Shows me how wonderful it is to be part of the human race”

— Jim Coleman


Please think about giving the gift of life. I know someone “upstairs” who will be smiling!    #ChooseYourDay!   Go to to find a drive near you.

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