Serving Those Who Have Selflessly Served Us

By Kaitlyn Schmitt, UWO Red Cross Club Member

vet1Adrianne Benson, Americorps Vet Corps member and Red Cross volunteer, and members from the UWO Red Cross Club spent the afternoon on November 23, 2013 volunteering at the beautiful Veteran’s Home in King, WI.

The Veterans were very excited to see the ladies from the Red Cross Club. We provided each Veteran with a Holiday Mail card which was made by the club and local elementary school students. The Veterans were filled with excitement and gratitude when they received the cards.

The Red Cross Club helped with some “intense” games of Bingo with the Veterans. There were definitely a lot of big winners that day! After bingo, we socialized with some of the Veterans and then we were given a tour of the incredible facility. We were amazed by all of the facility’s amenities including a bowling alley, movie theatre and a tunnel transport system. To top it off, the lakeside view was breathtaking!


Here I am helping pass out cards for the “intense” games of Bingo!

We had a great time serving those who have selflessly served us. We enjoyed getting to know the Veterans and we were all touched by this incredible experience.

Thank you to the  King Veterans Home staff for allowing us to join you. Thanks to the Red Cross for this incredible opportunity. Thanks Red Cross Club Members for the participation and enthusiasm on this wonderful experience!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Beautifully written! Good job, Kaitlyn!! 🙂

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