2nd Annual WI Disaster Training Conference

Volunteers at the 2012 Disaster Conference in Oshkosh taking training.

Volunteers at the 2012 Disaster Conference in Oshkosh taking training.

How can I make a difference? How do I turn my compassion into action? For 231 registered American Red Cross volunteers, we answer these questions this week.  Each of them has made a commitment to attend the 2nd Annual Wisconsin Disaster Training Conference.

Our 5-day disaster conference is to train new volunteers and expand current volunteers & staff skills so we are ready for additional – even larger disasters.  This ensures  the people who need our help when emergencies occur will be done with maximum efficiency and collaboration.

Altogether, 48-courses will be offered! Each class betters our ability to provide for people affected by disasters with safe shelter, food, emergency relief supplies, emotional support and health services.  Training is interactive, hands-on and better prepares us to respond to both man-made & natural disasters.  Advanced level classes focus on leadership development to managing a disaster operation around the country!

While this is the largest & most comprehensive training week of the year, we do offer classroom & on-line training year-round.  For people interested in becoming a Red Cross volunteer, visit www.redcross.org/volunteer  for details and an online application.

The WI Disaster Conference prepares us to respond to both local and national disasters through the generosity of people’s time, talent & treasure.  Join Us!

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