Win An iPad!!! For REAL!!!

To encourage people to make or update a disaster plan during National Preparedness Month, the Red Cross is sponsoring a prize drawing for a new Apple iPad®.

Click HERE for details and additional preparedness information. (iPad® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Apple is not a participant in or sponsor of this promotion.)

contest“Everyone must be prepared to take care of themselves and their neighbors in an emergency,” said Steve Hansen, Chief Operating Officer, Eastern Wisconsin. “No one can predict where or when disasters will strike, but preparedness steps taken today can save lives tomorrow.”

Other Ways to Get Ready

  • The Red Cross has several programs to help people, businesses, schools and communities be better prepared.
  • Be Red Cross Ready is an online tutorial that teaches people to be ready for emergencies.
  • Red Cross Ready Rating™ is a free, web-based membership program that measures how ready businesses, organizations and schools are to deal with emergencies and helps them improve their readiness level.
  • The Ready When the Time Comes program trains employees from businesses so they can be used as a community-based volunteer force when disaster strikes.
  • Red Cross First Aid and CPR/AED training courses provide participants with the knowledge and skills to respond to emergencies in case advanced medical help is delayed.
  • People can visit for information on what to do before, during and after emergencies and disasters.

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