September is National Preparedness Month

By: Jody Weyers, Communications Director


excited_cartoonOk,  maybe you are not that excited about National Preparedness Month,  but we are!!!  The American Red Cross joins in celebrating National Preparedness Month 2013 & we hope you will too.

This focus on a single month by every organization that cares about emergency preparedness allows our separate voices to reinforce each other, creating a better opportunity to be heard by Americans who live with disaster risk.

We know talking about safety, tips, and other preparedness topics can be a little dry, so that is why we are bringing you the “30 days of Safety Tips” 

I have recruited some volunteers and staff to write about their oops, should have, could have, ah ha safety moments, to share with you, so the next time you find yourself in a situation, hopefully our tips will help you remember what not, and what to do so you are prepared.

Our goals for National Preparedness Month for this year include the following:

  1. Increase the number of individuals/families that have taken steps to become more prepared
  2. Strengthen the public’s awareness of preparedness and participation in Red Cross programs
  3. Make people laugh while learning.  🙂

Stay tuned……

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