Nancy Stolz Mirhashemi is Honored with the 2013 Volunteer of the Year Award!

The Volunteer of the Year Award is awarded to Nancy Stolz Mirhashemi who has demonstrated long-term commitment to the American Red Cross. She gives time, talent and knowledge in ways that improve the quality of the programs and services of the organization.

She has been an active volunteer since September 2005. Since then she has donated hundreds of hours working with people affected by fires, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes. When she is not out on a fire call she is attending planning meetings.

She wears many hats and when asked to change jobs it is always done with great poise. “Red Cross work is all about being flexible” is one of her favorite sayings. She is trained and has experience in being an Operational Manager, a Supervisor in Damage Assessment, Mass Care, Client Casework and Shelter Management and is an instructor of basic Disaster Courses. She also is certified as an ERV –Emergency Response Vehicle Driver and is Captain of one of the Disaster Response Teams. However, we think her favorite title is Queen of the store room.

Nancy is an important part of the Disaster Response Leadership team. She provides a calm ship in the middle of serious situations. If something isn’t flowing right she has no problem in relooking at the problem and setting a new path. Nancy is well respected by all who work along with her. Fire Chiefs have called after a fire to say how great it was working with her—her professionalism, knowledge of procedure and caring of the disaster victims.

Nancy has managed to get most of her family into the Red Cross fold. Her daughter Katherine has been a youth volunteer for the past 6 years—kind of growing up in Red Cross. Her husband Hossein is called upon to help all the time—we need help taking down a shelter, or we need a fridge for the stock room, trucks to go pick up donations etc. Her parents are great financial supporters and now that her son Alex is back living in Green Bay we hope to see him in the stockroom helping.

Her commitment to the Red Cross role in our community is unswerving. Thank you for choosing Red Cross Disaster Services to share your time and talents with.


(L-R: Husband Hossein Mirhashemi, Nancy Stolz Mirhashemi, and daughter Katherine Mirhashemi)

Congratulations, Nancy Stolz Mirhashemi on the 2013 Volunteer of the Year.

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