Scott Vanidestine Receives the 2013’s Kerrie Forster Emergency Services Award

Scott Vanidestine, our second honoree seems to have been a DAT member forever. He actually started in 2007 but kind of stayed in the background working on projects. Now things have changed in his work life—retired and he is with us big time.  He is on a daytime team from 6am-6pm for 2 weeks in every month. He graciously covers shifts for other team members, attends meetings all over our region, and drives people being deployed to and from the airport and helps out wherever he can.

He presents a very caring attitude when working with our clients. He helps them see that this fire is a major bump in their lives but Red Cross is there to help them over that bump and into the future.


(L-R: Scott Vanidestine, Judy Irwin Gregory, Debra Harrington, & Nancy Stolz Mirhashemi)

Congratulations, Scott! Thank you for your time & dedication.


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