Get to Know our Volunteers: PaKou Lee

PaKou Lee started volunteering with the American Red Cross about 3 months ago.  You may see her name a lot on our blog, because she is assisting in our communications and social engagement department. We have so many stories to tell at the Red Cross, we just need more storytellers! Do you like to write, interview people, looking for experience in journalism or communications?  Think about volunteering for the Red Cross just like PaKou!  


Pakou LeeMy name is PaKou Lee. I’m an outgoing person and enjoy getting to know people. I’m ambitious and always have perseverance.  I’m an avid checker of my bucket list. I’ve been told I have a feisty personality and a great laugh.

Here are some fun facts about me:

Hometown: St. Paul, MN. Living in Green Bay for three and a half years.

Age: 23

Education: UW-Green Bay, 2012, Communication degree

Occupation: Health Advisor at United HealthCare, Vemma brand partner, & American Red Cross volunteer

Hobbies: Running, couponing, and watching my nieces and nephews grow up

Favorite TV: Raising Hope

Favorite Movie: The Little Rascals

Favorite Book: The Success Principles by Jack Canfield

Favorite Food: Sushi and curry noodle

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite Quote: Don’t wait for sunshine, play in the rain

Why I volunteer for American Red Cross: I work in customer service so I don’t get to work with my passion: public relations and social media. I do enjoy my job, but I want to continue gaining PR and social media skills.  Also, I want to give back to the community because I think it’s important to take care of each other, especially in times of need. I’m happy to have Jody as my mentor because I’m gaining so much knowledge from her.

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