Waushara County Tavern League HEROES for Local American Red Cross

Waushara County Tavern League HEROES 003

On Thursday, January 24th, Denise Blader, President, of the Waushara County Tavern League, presented a $1,000 donation for the local American Red Cross to Vicki P. Jenks, American Red Cross Board Member and Disaster Action Team volunteer.   (pictured above)

This most generous donation will be used right here in Waushara County for disaster relief.  The most prevalent local disasters are RESIDENTIAL FIRES.  Winter, unfortunately, is the busiest fire season for Red Cross responses, but even more brutal for the clients who have just lost everything.  When the Red Cross is called in for support, trained volunteers provide immediate needs ranging from personal hygiene items, a place to stay, financial assistance for basic needs, quilts, stuffed toys, medications, and a shoulder to lean on.  The Red Cross also supports first responders with hydration and food.  The AMERICAN RED CROSS—96% volunteers—arrives with hearts filled with compassion and a plan to support families in a very emotional, difficult time.

Members of the Waushara County Red Cross Disaster Action Team are Vic and Edith Fousek, Coloma, Chuck and Jo Patzer, and John and Vicki Jenks, Wild Rose.  They work closely with fellow Red Cross D.A.T. members in Green Lake, Marquette and Waupaca counties.  If you’re interested in volunteering for your local Red Cross, please contact Vicki at 920-622-3152 or email vickipjenks@gmail.com.

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