National Nurses Week!

National Nurses Week, May 6-12, is a time to recognize the incredible contributions nurses make to their communities and to the mission of the American Red Cross. Nursing and the Red Cross just seem to go hand-in-hand because service is at the core of what both do.

More than 20,000 nurses and student nurses are involved in paid and volunteer capacities at all levels and in all lines of business throughout the American Red Cross. These activities consist of:

  • Providing direct services: e.g. local Disaster Action Teams (DAT), Health Fairs, volunteer in military clinics and hospitals, promoting blood collection team, first aid stations.
  • Teaching and developing courses: CPR/First Aid, Automatic emergency Defibrillator(AED), Disaster Health Services, Nurse Assistant Training, Babysitting, Family Caregiving.
  • Acting in management and supervisory roles: including Chapter and Blood Services region executives.
  • Functioning in governance roles: local board member to national Board of Governors.

The Creed of the Red Cross Nurse:

I believe in the ideals of democracy and the concept of universal brotherhood. I acknowledge no barriers of country, race, class, or creed.

I believe that service to others is the obligation of mankind, that every right I claim imposes a responsibility and every possession implies duty.

I believe it is my privilege and my duty to teach others some of the knowledge and skill that I possess so that they too may know the satisfaction of competence in dealing with illness and pain.

To bring comfort to those who are in trouble, to alleviate suffering, and to conserve life is my mission.

Wherever disaster calls there, I shall go. I ask not for whom, but only where I am needed.

Under the banner of the Red Cross, symbolic of the finest instincts of man, I find fulfillment in helping to animate the spirit of kindness and mercy that embraces the world.


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