Training, a Plan and Teamwork Can Save a Life!

The story below emphasizes the fact that you cannot put a price tag on a life that has been saved by using CPR/AED training.  Luckily, this 64-year-old businessman was in good hands the minute he went into cardiac arrest on the jobsite.  The costs of training and creating an emergency plan paid off for the two businesses mentioned.  With the correct and regular training, these workers were able to react quickly, follow procedure and save a precious life.

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Kimberly Apfelbeck, Sales Representative, American Red Cross Eastern WI Territory

Man Suffers Heart Attack During Business Trip To Madison 

Submitted by Scott Beedy, Channel 3000 Community Editor, March 2, 2012

A life of an Ohio businessman working in Madison this week was saved after he collapsed from a heart attack in a trailer on the construction site of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s new Wisconsin Energy Institute.

The man, who is 64 years old, was visiting a the site when he collapsed in the trailer and project office of Mortenson Construction. Workers from Mortenson and Hallmark Drywall who witnessed the collapse immediately moved to respond, fire officials said. One called the Dane County 911 Communications Center, while another reached for the defibrillator on the wall. Others workers began chest compressions, while yet another group of workers got in place to guide emergency crews to the man.

911 call taker Laurie Frederickson continued with calm instructions until firefighters and medics arrived, officials said. They said the man was treated and taken to the hospital minutes later.

The workers on site told crews credited their actions to the company’s emergency response plan and required safety training, which includes CPR.

Fire officials said at last check the man was in good condition, preparing to be released from the hospital.

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