A New Year and a New Resolution for Your Business

Guest Blog Post, Kim Apfelbeck, Sales Representative

After ringing in the New Year, many people resolve to live healthier lifestyles and lose a few extra pounds.  As a business, you too can choose to better the health and safety of your employees and overall business.  By having a safety plan in place, you can lose some of the weight off your shoulders by having informed and ready-to-act employees.  Here are a few ways the Red Cross can help you to get started on your 2012 resolution to a healthy and safe work environment.

1.  Get trained by joining the Next Generation of Red Cross Training

More Value

□       Two-year certification with free digital refreshers for participants

□       A choice of free digital or affordable print course materials for participants (redcross.org/previewkits)

Highest Quality

□       Concise learner-centered course design emphasizes hands-on skills and learning application

□       Updated user-friendly course materials including exciting new video

Greater Convenience

□       Standardized delivery, pricing and single point-of-contact support for businesses spanning multiple geographic locations

□       Online training management system provides student certificates quickly and efficiently

 More Training Options

□       Flexible course options to meet your organization’s needs

□       Web-based learning options for First Aid/CPR/AED and Bloodborne Pathogens Training

□       Wide selection of courses and combinations to meet your needs

 To set up group training at your facility or to learn more, please contact Kim Apfelbeck at apfelbeckk@usa.redcross.org or 920-227-4294.

 2.  Get prepared by having easily-accessible emergency supplies

 First Aid Kits

4 x 4 First Aid Kit – $5.00




101-Piece First Aid Kit – $10.00





Large All Purpose First Aid Kit – $20.00





Breathing Barriers

Mini-Key CPR Key Chain – $2.00



CPR Key Chain w/gloves – $3.00



CPR Res-Cue Mask (Soft or Hard Case) – $10.00





Products may be purchased at your local chapter or by visiting www.redcrossstore.org

3.  Get an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for your facility

The chance of survival drops by 10% for every minute that passes after sudden cardiac arrest.  With CPR training and access to an AED, your employee or fellow coworker has a much greater chance of survival. 

To help meet its mission of saving lives, the Red Cross has formed relationships with three AED manufacturers (Cardiac Science, Philips Health Care Group and ZOLL Medical Corporation) to facilitate the purchase of AED devices for customers.

The Red Cross can work with you to find the device that best fits your facility.  By purchasing through the Red Cross, a portion of the purchase price goes back to your local chapter to support services and activities in your community.

For further information please contact Kim Apfelbeck at apfelbeckk@usa.redcross.org or 920-227-4294.


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