Funding Supports Education Initiatives and Disaster Response Programs

State Farm has awarded grants totaling $55,000 to the American Red Cross in Wisconsin for 2011 and 2012 to promote safety education and awareness programs, disaster preparedness and disaster response initiatives in the Scenic Bluffs, Western, North Central and Northeast Wisconsin. State Farm has a longstanding relationship with the Red Cross in Wisconsin and nationally.

Much of the grant funding will go to support core Red Cross missions of community disaster education and disaster response teams and to sponsor local Red Cross community events. The State Farm grants also will help make the following possible:

Fire Prevention Awareness Project

Red Cross volunteers and State Farm agents will reach-out to homeowners to provide fire safety and prevention information and remind residents that home fires are one disaster that can be prevented. They will canvass communities, talking with people about ways to heat and cook safely, the value of smoke alarms and the need to create an emergency kit and practice a household fire escape plan. Fire safety and prevention door hangers will be provided to all homes that the volunteers visit and left for neighbors who are not at home.

Community Preparedness Education

The Red Cross will create bookmarks customized with educational messages that schools, libraries and State Farm agents can distribute to students to help them learn about such important topics as fire prevention, Halloween safety, emergency preparedness (Get Informed. Make a Plan. Build a Kit) and winter driving safety. The first bookmarkers, Halloween Safety, were distributed to nearly 25,000 children.

Disaster Clean-up Kits

In times of need, the Red Cross provides individuals and families affected by disasters with Disaster Clean-up Kits to help people begin restoring their damaged properties. The kits, which are provided at no charge, contain cleaning supplies such as brooms, a mop, squeegee, rubber gloves, work gloves, disinfectants and more. Red Cross volunteers and staff distribute clean-up kits at central pick-up locations and go door-to-door through affected areas

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