You Can Participate in National Liver Awareness Month!

In just the first six months of 2011, nearly 14,000 patients received organ transplants in the United States. As we speak, approximately 16,000 patients are awaiting liver transplants. October is National Liver Awareness Month, and the American Red Cross reminds donors about the importance of donating blood as many organ transplant recipients require several blood transfusions during surgery.

The need for blood is constant and the blood supply must be regularly replenished to help transplant patients and others, such as accident victims and premature babies. That is why it is so important for generous donors to give often. Recent storm-related events continue to take a toll as floodwaters and wildfires have inundated entire communities and forced the cancellation of nearly 150 Red Cross blood drives, resulting in a shortfall of more than 4,700 blood donations.

With your help, we are able to fulfill our mission of saving lives. Thank you for your continuing support to help spread the word about upcoming American Red Cross blood drives.

Please visit or call 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767) for a blood drive nearest you!

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