UW-Green Bay alumni carry the message of life-changing experience

Congratulations to Regional Volunteer and Communications Director, Jody Weyers, for making the UW-Green Bay “Changing your Life; Changing your World” alumni display. Check out her picture this year in the halls of Mary Ann Cofrin.

Sometimes it’s the UW-Green Bay alumni who can speak most powerfully to the UW-Green Bay experience. That is the thought behind the new alumni display in Mary Ann Cofrin Hall. Admissions personnel wanted to liven up their campus tours while leaving a strong impression of the UW-Green Bay experience with potential students and their parents. The lead panel says it all: “A UW-Green Bay education is a life-changing experience, and our 29,000 alumni carry that life change well beyond the boundaries of our campus…meet just a few of the UW-Green Bay alumni who are changing the world…” Not meant to be a “Hall of Fame” or an all-inclusive list, instead alumni for this display were selected because of their impressive stories spanning academic disciplines and career choices.

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