Nolan Blecha has a “drive” for Success

By Dawn Miller, Red Cross Volunteer

The American Red Cross was proud of transportation client, Nolan Blecha’s accomplishment when we heard Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin named him, Outstanding Achiever for May.

He was referred to Goodwill’s Work Services program through Brown County Human Services five years ago when he came from a special needs program at Green Bay Southwest High School. Work Services is a longer-term training program for people with disabilities and utilizes Goodwill as a worksite to develop their work skills and behaviors.

Carol Daniels- Thurston, acting store team leader for the Ashwaubenon Goodwill, had told a publication, Nature’s Pathways, “Since joining Goodwill, Nolan has learned the importance of working as part of a team. He always has a smile on his face and is very committed to his work. His presence at the store really motivates all of us because we see what Nolan achieves every day, and that he is truly committed to doing a good job.”

Six years ago Nolan started using the transportation services provided by the American Red Cross in Green Bay. 

American Red Cross Transportation Services provides transportation to individuals 60 years of age and older and individuals with a disability in the Green Bay and Pulaski area. This door-to-door service is specifically designed to provide a low-cost means of transportation, allowing individuals to lead a more fulfilling, self-sufficient lifestyle.

“Nolan loves the service and looks forward to the people,” says Nolan’s Mother.You can also hear the pride in the voices of volunteer drivers when they talk about Nolan’s award.  

Nolan’s mother says those with special needs aren’t often acknowledged for their accomplishments. This award is meaningful and he has been cheered on by everybody including the wonderful volunteers at the American Red Cross. “Nolan feels so good and so honored to be recognized in this way.”


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  1. My name is Christine Carpenter. I have trying to find Nolan for about 5 years. Him and I went to school together and went to the same church. Nolan was my friend!!!! I helped him at southwest high school. I moved away and have not really been back. I would love if some how his parents could recieve this message and contact me. Please Mr. and Mrs. Blecha e-mail me @

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