Ready When the Time Comes — Amber Sell is There!

By Dawn Miller, Red Cross Volunteer

Holidays sometimes remind of us of the importance to be prepared and Amber Sell, 30, learned that first hand when she was traveling the holiday weekend before the 4th of July. When Amber came across a serious accident just outside of Gillett in Oconto County she was armed with American Red Cross training and her first aid kit so she was able to help the injured.

The two-car crash involved three victims. Because of her training, Amber was able to clearly assess the situation and confirmed that 9-1-1 had been called. “I concentrated my efforts on the victim that was thrown from the first vehicle and laying in shock on the ground,” says Amber.  “He was the most critical and needed immediate first aid attention.”

“Having this accident happen in a more rural area, it was extremely apparent how useful the First Aid Kit was before the EMTs were able to arrive,” says Amber. “Out of the numerous people that stopped to help, I was the only person that had a First Aid Kit.”

Once the EMTs were on the scene they took over caring for the victims but asked Amber to perform additional tasks and greatly appreciated her clear-headed assistance.

Amber had always wanted to take a class and when her employer Howard Immel Inc. gave her the opportunity she grabbed it. “Accidents happen so quickly and you never know when that valuable information will come in handy,” says Amber.

“I feel it is important to give all our people the tools to be active, helpful members of our society,” says Kelly Hafeman, President, Howard Immel Inc. “Amber proved that one person with the right training can make a difference.”

“I didn’t ever want to have the feeling of helplessness or ‘what do I do?’ in the case of an emergency where First Aid or CPR would be needed,” she says. “Everyday, we see and hear testimonials of random people helping others in need.”

Amber says everyone should take a class as soon as they can as it can help for everyday cuts and scrapes but also the more serious accidents.  “I know that I would be incredibly thankful to anyone that would stop and come to my aid if I needed it and I wanted to be able to do the same.”


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