Happy Birthday to our 24 Manikins!

Happy 1 year Birthday to our 24 Manikins donated by the Wisconsin Public Services Foundation. We want to say thank you again to WPS for your continued support in the community and helping us with the tools we need to provide quality lifesaving training!

(l-r) Dawn Krull, Kim Carroll and Carla Lee, Health and Safety Staff Celebrating with the Manikins

Press Release – July 6, 2010

The American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter has received a donation from the Wisconsin Public Services Foundationto purchase lightweight manikins to be used for community safety training programs. 

“We are proud to be able to provide the Red Cross with this donation to support the health and safety initiatives, specifically to purchase 24 lightweight manikins for training in CPR courses,” said Karmen Lemke. Manager – Community Relations/Contributions, Wisconsin Public Service Corp.

With contributions from businesses and community members, we are given the opportunity to provide the highest quality training available today.  Thanks to the generous gift from the Wisconsin Public Service Foundation the Lakeland Chapter will be able to update its manikins by purchasing 24 Prestan manikins.

The Prestan manikins each have a CPR Rate Monitor that provides instant feedback to both students and instructors about the rate of chest compressions to better your training experience.  Student will have a realistic experience that will provide for the best “real life” CPR outcomes.  In addition, the manikins are light-weight and easy to set up at training sites.  These features will allow instructors to easily access workplaces to provide convenient training options.  Overall, the Prestan manikins will award students confidence in their life-saving skills and be a great asset to the chapter!

 The Wisconsin Public Service Foundation, incorporated in 1964, is a private, charitable foundation that supports charities and organizations that need financial assistance.  Wisconsin Public Service Foundation is funded by stockholders of the corporation, not by its electric and gas customers.  Through direct grants, scholarships and an employee Matching Gifts and Dollars for Doers program, the Foundation actively supports improvements in the quality of life in the communities served by Wisconsin Public Service.   

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