In a world full of negatives, let’s all do something positive.

The Red Cross Needs Heroes 

Members of our community are stepping forward to be Heroes for the American Red Cross and pledging to raise funds to keep vital services of the Red Cross alive and well in our community.

When our neighbors are affected by fires, floods and tornadoes, the Red Cross is there. When someone needs blood, the Red Cross is there. Now it’s time for us to be there for the Red Cross.

Help support your neighbors and give to the American Red Cross. As a not-for-profit governmental organization, the Red Cross relies on the generosity of people like you.

So go ahead, give what you can. And feel what it’s like to be a Hero. Your contribution will help support the needs of those in our local community.

Click HERE to down load brochure.

How You Can Be a Hero for the American Red Cross   

1.   Say “YES” to the challenge!

2.   Determine how you would like to raise funds.

3.  Begin fundraising and have fun!

Click HERE to see what other people are doing and how you can support these local fundraisers. Questions, let us help you get started, contact Barbara Behling at or 920-642-0404.

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