Need for Blood Continues; Can you Help?

Guest Blog Post:  Dave Liethen | Donor Recruitment Representative American Red Cross

It’s the time of year when we all are looking forward to the snow disappearing.  This is a time of the year when the Red Cross usually has a stable blood supply.  However, the effects of this winter will linger long after the snow is gone.  Snow and ice storms across the country, including in Wisconsin have created a real crimp in the nations blood supply.  The bad winter weather across the country (remember the snow and ice in Dallas at the Super Bowl?) has caused the cancelation of over 750 Red Cross blood drives and over 28,000 scheduled blood donations. As a result, collections in the month of January were the lowest in a decade.  It’s critical that we do everything to can to help the blood supply.  Please help us do our part so that no matter how many patients show up at the hospitals in need of blood, they will be able to get it right away.

In addition to the blood drive sites we always go to, we have added number of new blood drive sites coming up so pick the place that works the best for you.  Some of the new blood drive sites include: the Resch Center with the Green Bay Gamblers Hockey Team, Bellin College in Bellevue and N.E. W. Lutheran High School on Green Bay’s east side. Check our website for more details.

 The high school blood drive season is fast approaching the end.  Please help the high schools reach their goals by encouraging young people to get in the habit of donating blood.  Most students can start donating as young as age 16 and weight at least 110.  Those students who want to donate and are 16 will need to have the Red Cross permission slip signed by a parent or guardian.  To get the permission slip, go to our website or stop by the school office.

Thanks for donating!


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