Northeast WI Year End Wrap

By Guest Blogger Steve Hansen, Regional Chapter Executive  

There isn’t a household in America that hasn’t benefited from the life-saving mission of the American Red Cross. Together, we prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies through a network of dedicated volunteers, community partners, staff and donors alike. We thank you all! 

Did you know our volunteers are called into action nearly every-other day in Northeast WI? Around the clock, our staff and trained volunteers provide the basic need services to help individuals and families weather any storm. Residential fires are the most common (90%) of our responses. Additionally, we experienced several multi-county floods and deployed individuals across the nation through our mutual aid system. Through thick and thin, all disaster assistance is free just when people need a little help the most. This support is made possible through the generosity the American people.

This year, we supported more than 1,630 military families through emergency messages, and pre-deployment briefings. Plus, we expanded our work with Veterans at the Oscar G. Johnson Hospital and Outreach Clinics in Iron Mountain, MI and the King Facility in Waupaca, WI. This includes the distribution of over 5,000 personal greeting cards through our Holiday Mail for Heroes program.   

Our health & safety training spans from youth to senior education. With more than 45,000 trained annually in life-saving skills, we have saved countless lives. A few hours in a classroom or on-line could mean the difference between life and death. We urge you to make a New Years resolution to be Red Cross Ready in the coming months.

Every two seconds someone in the USA needs the gift of life. In Northeast WI, Red Cross volunteers donated over 38,000 units of blood in 2010; selflessly giving so much to someone they may never know. We’re proud to provide nearly half the nation’s blood supply.

The American Red Cross is a dynamic organization that has served the country since 1881. Today, each of our volunteers has their own story and reason for giving back. It’s our honor to call them our partners and brand ambassadors. Together, we roll up our sleeves, open our hearts and jump-in to change lives.

Seasons Greetings!

Steve Hansen

 P.S. A comprehensive Northeast WI Regional Report to the Community is available at It contains additional details, stories, photos and more.

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