Red Cross Volunteers Looking for Relief

By Sarah Thomsen, WBAY – Click HERE for video of story:

As the recent storms continue to pelt Northeast Wisconsin, it’s putting a strain on a group of volunteers that’s always there as soon as the severe weather passes.

Since June 15th we’ve seen flooding from Fond du Lac to Black Creek to Green Bay and wind damage and hail from Crivitz to Appleton.

And after each of these storms, American Red Cross volunteers were called to action.

“In the past two weeks we’ve had 70 volunteers that participated in helping people in need,” Steve Maricque, executive director of the American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter said.

Volunteers don’t abandon one area when severe weather hits somewhere else.

There were still crews in Wittenberg Wednesday after Tuesday’s damaging winds, and the flooding problems in Black Creek and the Fox Valley haven’t disappeared, either.

All these storms are stretching volunteers thin.

“It is a strain on them because of the amount of time and effort that goes into it, so we’re always looking for good people that want to help, that want to be trained,” Maricque said.

Not only does the local Red Cross chapter need volunteers, it also needs donations to help replenish the supplies they’re going through so quickly.

“We provide a mop, broom, a squeegee to move water around.”

With flooding the biggest problem this summer, volunteers are going through a lot of clean-up kits.

“Just in the last two weeks we’ve gone through 128 clean-up kits, so we’ve got additional supplies that are ready in anticipation of rain that’s going to be coming again tomorrow.”

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