Emergency Crews Prepared for Another Round of Rain

By Jason Zimmerman, WBAY-TV2  – click HERE for Video of Story

Firefighters in Black Creek were busy since Monday afternoon’s storm assisting in a massive clean-up effort — fighting off almost three inches of rain that hit in a span of just 30 minutes.

Crews went through neighborhoods pumping water out of basements and low-lying areas.

“What we did is, we sent out a city watch. It’s a program of the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department, and they called every residence in the village of Black Creek to let them know if their basements are filled with water that they should call the Black Creek Fire Department and we will send a crew out to help them,” Fire Chief Scott Yahle said.

Dozens of donated pumps were dropped off at the fire department for distribution. Sandbags were filled and placed on pallets if they were needed to hold back flood water.

Firefighters responded to about two dozen houses where flooding was an issue. Many of those residents were extremely grateful.

“It just got overwhelmed and went over the top of the sump pump,” Jeremy Kling said.

At the village hall, flood kits were begin handed out to assist in the clean-up.

“Those flood kits the Red Cross hands out have a mop and a broom, some brushes, some sponges, bleach, detergent, so basically the stuff you would need once the water leaves your basement, you could use to clean it up,” Outagamie County Emergency Management Director Christina Peters explained.

Since the village drains took on so much water Monday, firefighters say it could take at least another 24 hours to dry out — and that’s after the rain lets up.

Any residents in Black Creek with flood-damaged items can put them on the curb. The village plans a pick-up on Wednesday and Thursday.

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