Langlade Elementary School Show How Knowledge is Power!

Langlade Elementary School held its first annual knowledge-athon event called Brain-a-mania.  Students were given a pre-determined number of questions per the respective grade level four weeks prior to the event.  The students were responsible for finding the answers to these curriculum based questions.  On the day of the Brain-a-mania event, parents and community volunteers came to school and, in a one-on-one format, asked the students questions and the students provided the answers.  Families were able to optionally pledge their students.  The students were able to positively impact the pledge amount with the demonstration of their knowledge.  It was a wonderful event to couple the power of knowledge and service.  The event was a success and $1,008 was raised for rescue and rebuild efforts in Haiti by Red Cross.
In the photo, from left, Luke Pisani, Samantha Adler, Julia Pisani, Jackson Adler, Jody Weyers, Volunteer and Communcations Director, American Red Cross, Mallory Fritsch, Trenton Van Den Heuvel and Jade Krueger.

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