Pulaski Fire Fighters Kick off Bucket Brigade with a preview at Smurawa’s Country Bakery

On Saturday May 22, Smurawa’s Country Bakery hosted Pulaski Fire fighters and Red Cross volunteers for a preview event of the Firefighters’ Bucket Brigade on May 27, which will have several area fire departments and locations participating in the event to raise funds and awareness for local Red Cross services.

Greg Smurawa, member of the Pulaski Fire Department, volunteered to host the event at the bakery for a second time because he recognizes the importance of the services the Red Cross provides and the importance of the community to have an organization like the Red Cross to call on. He says, “everyone can tie the Red Cross to blood drives but unfortunately very rarely do people see the other needs and services of the Red Cross in the community.”

Greg says it was a great opportunity for people to meet the Red Cross outside of an emergency event. It was an opportunity, “for our customers gaining recognition and education while it was also for the Red Cross and fire department the opportunity to get out and meet the community face to face when its not an emergency situation. Its always a win-win for both sides.”

Bruce Brzeczkowski, Captain at Pulaski Fire Department, says the best part of the day was talking and meeting with people he might not normally get a chance to talk with while helping the community build a relationship with the fire department. “There were a lot of people coming in and out and a lot of people putting money in the buckets and that’s what we want to see.”

Judy Gregory, Emergency Services Director, says the community support and smells from the bakery were wonderful. All proceeds from packages of donuts were also donated to the Red Cross by Smurawa’s Country Bakery and the with a $20 donation or more customers received a Firefighters’ Bucket Brigade t-shirt.

Fire fighters and Red Cross volunteers got to meet many people who came in and out of the busy bakery. Residents got to see an up-close view of the fire truck. Always on call, the fire truck and its fire fighters did have to leave suddenly but came back shortly to finish off the beautiful day in Pulaski.

You can spot our Heroes at the following locations on Thursday, May 27 from 5 PM to 8 PM:

  • Abrams Shell Station, County D and Sampson Rd, supported by Abrams Fire Department
  • Bay Park Square Mall, 2401 S. Oneida St, supported by Ashwaubenon Fire Department
  • Copps Food Center, 1819 Main St.,  supported by Green Bay East Fire Department
  • Copps Food Center, 2064 Lime Kiln Rd,  supported by Bellevue Fire Department
  • Green Bay Plaza, on corner of West Mason and Military,  supported by Green Bay West Fire Department
  • Infinity Wireless, 975 Main St, by Festival Foods in De Pere supported by De Pere Fire Department
  • Olsen’s Piggly Wiggly, 2465 Lineville Rd, supported by Howard Fire Department
  • Suamico Pro Bowl, 2310 Lineville Rd, supported by Suamico Fire Department
  • Super Ron’s Food Center, 960 Country Rd B, supported by Pulaski Fire Department

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