American Red Cross offers NEW CNA Review Workshop

The American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter will be offering a NEW CNA Review Workshop course. This program is designed for CNA’s that are eligible to renew their state certification.

 This Review Workshop is for students who have previously completed any Certified Nurse Assistant training program. This Workshop does not recertify individuals but helps to prepare candidates to take the Wisconsin state registry exam. Participants must check their eligibility to take the state registry exam prior to registration.

 The purpose of our program is to provide candidates with a quality education so that they in turn can provide the highest quality of patient care and service to all residents.

 The American Red Cross CNA Review Workshop will give employees the confidence to retake the CNA state certification test, while brushing up on some of their skills that they aren’t required to use as often. The cost of the class is $100.00 for 16 hours with teacher-led instruction.

 Date:  May 11,13,18,20

Time: 4pm-8pm

Location: American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter

121 Bader St

Green Bay, WI 54302

 To register: call 920-227-4290 or check it out online at

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