Volunteer Spotlight: Jim Coleman

Welcoming Everyone with Open Arms

Bev and Jim

When Jim Coleman comes to the center to volunteer or to donate blood the staff and volunteers can always expect giant hugs and laughs from the 51-gallon blood donor. “As long as I can keep people smiling, it will keep my life worthwhile,” said Coleman.

April 19, Jim will be celebrating his 80th birthday, but you would never know this vibrant, energetic gentleman is hitting the 8-0 milestone. He says staying active and helping others contributes to his youthfulness.

This Green Bay native began his involvement with the Red Cross back in the 80’s while he worked at Northern Paper Mill. They needed volunteers to help at their company blood drives and Jim agreed to help. Before long Jim was volunteering at other community blood drives in the Green Bay area.

Jim Coleman all smiles and highly decorated with his gallon blood drop pins back in 2000

After retirement, Jim played an active role as a member of the High Gallon Advisory Committee (a volunteer blood leadership group) and volunteered where ever he was needed at the community blood drives.

Jim is a staple at Super Donor Days (a 2-day blood drive prior to the 4th of July holiday) for the past 15 years. He is in charge of the volunteers who help as donor room aide. It is their job to make sure the donors have an enjoyable and comfortable experience while donating. Jim is the ringleader in bringing a smile and a laugh to the donors and volunteers.

This jokester also has a softer side. After losing his wife of over 49 years back in 2000, Jim never really thought about meeting someone else. Then in 2004, a trip to one of his local dining spots changed his life. That is where he met Bev, who was a hostess at the restaurant where he frequented. His poetry and fun nature wooed her over and she says, “He is the best thing that has ever happen to me.”

In his free time he likes to play golf and spend time with his family when he can. His two great-grandsons, two granddaughters, daughter and son-in-law bring a smile to his face. When Jim is around the smiles are contagious.

Jim’s says it best in his poetry:

“Today while working at a Red Cross Blood Drive

I realized how great it is to be alive.

The blood they donated helps so many

And what they give does not cost a penny.

The friendship we share plus the smiles on each face

Shows me how wonderful it is to be part of the human race.”

– Jim Coleman

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  1. Jim, you look the same !

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