Dawn Krull, Health & Safety Director, Celebrates 30 years!

April Fool’s day everyone at the Red Cross will be laughing in celebration, but it won’t be over an April Fools joke.  It will be in honor of Dawn Krull, Director of Health and Safety Services, 30 years of service at the American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter.  She has witnessed many changes over the years and tremendous growth in the Health and Safety Department. “I enjoy my job and what it represents,” said Krull, “That’s why I have stayed over the years.”

Krull was born and raised in Green Bay, WI. She received her degree in Community Health Education from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and was hired right out of college for a newly created full time position at the Lakeland Chapter.

There are many aspects to Health and Safety Services but the main objectives, states Krull, “are to make people more comfortable in preparing and taking action in an emergency which can ultimately save lives. Our department also helps to generate revenue to support the services of the Red Cross. 
At first, the Health and Safety Services Department was just her but now there is a staff of four full-time associates and 16 part-time/on-call instructors and evaluators that keep the department running. Krull has many duties, but her main responsibility is to administer the goals of the department and promote the training programs. “Our Health and Safety Services staff is top notch,” says Krull.  “I’m really proud of the team we have right now.”

“One of the goals of Health and Safety Services is to train as many people in the life saving skills as we possibly can,” says Krull. For this reason she encourages quality customer service amongst her staff and volunteers. The department takes pride in good customer service that will ensure clients come back and tell others about the good experience. “How we treat our customers is of vital importance,” says Krull.

She is very knowledgeable about the program having grown with the department, but she also relies on the expertise of the staff and volunteers. That’s what the volunteers are for as “we are a volunteer organization.”

When she isn’t working hard at the Red Cross, this stepmother of three and grandmother of two is enjoying the outdoors with her husband, Randy. They like to snowmobile, bow and gun hunt, grouse hunt with their Vizsla dogs, Wyatt and Willow and fish. Dawn has event caught two muskies within the last two years, 43″ and 47″ — mighty impressive!
Together they remodeled their cottage up in Lakewood. “When there’s not something going on for us in town, we’re at the cottage.”

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