Lakeland Chapter Asks All Supporters to Spread the Message This Holiday Season

The life saving mission of the Red Cross benefits 250 people every 60 seconds, and our impact does not stop at our own borders. 

Locally, nationally and internationally, no other organization provides our depth of services to help people prevent, prepare for and respond to all types of disasters and emergencies. This vital work starts right here, in our own community.

We are thankful for a community that supports the lifesaving mission of the Lakeland Chapter; but today I’m asking you and your friends to join me in financially supporting the mission of the American Red Cross. Many people wait to make charitable donations until the end of the year we are, however, in extraordinary times and we have an opportunity to encourage people to give to today!  The Red Cross has launched a nationwide effort to encourage people to direct their year-end gifts to the American Red Cross. The centerpiece of the giving strategy is the 2009 Holiday Giving Catalog.  It is available online at  I hope you’ll take a few minutes to browse through the offerings.

Now, here is how we need your help.  First, if you haven’t yet made a gift please consider making a gift to the Red Cross.  Second, please consider using the Holiday Catalog to give gifts that save the day to your friends and family.  Third, I’m asking you to send the link to the online catalog ( to at least five of your family and friends.  If you have a Facebook page, consider setting up a link to the catalog on your Wall.   You can make a difference – right here, right now.

If you aren’t sure what to say, use the message below to express your support for the Red Cross.

Sample message

    • A gift of any size to the American Red Cross will save the day when the next disaster strikes. When a neighbor’s house burns down. When someone needs a lifesaving blood transfusion. When a family needs to contact a deployed service member in an emergency. When a child needs a hug and a blanket. The gift that saves the day is the gift you give today. Your gift supports the lifesaving mission of the American Red Cross in your community, across the country and around the world.

Thank you again for your help and support. We are able to carry out our live saving mission because of community support. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mauree Childress by phone at 920-227-4286 or by email at

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