Gayle Hein Awarded Kerrie Forster Disaster Services Award

During Hurricane Katrina Gayle HeinP6140471 realized she wanted to do something to help out. Shortly after that she stopped in to the Red Cross to give a donation and started talking to Jody Weyers, Volunteer and Communications Director. Her significant involvement since then is the reason she was honored with the 2009 Kerrie Forster Disaster Services Award.

She is a member of a member of a Disaster Services on-call team and helps out in the office. She helps to keep things organized and seems to always know what is needed. Gayle has responded to numerous local fires but she also puts her heart and soul into making sure the comforts are there.

“We call Gayle, ‘Group Mom’ because she keeps us on our toes, lets us know when we blow something, anticipates problems, keeps us fed and we all know how much she cares not only for her fellow team members but the people we work with, the disaster clients and military families,” says Judy Gregory, Emergency Services Director.

Of her 4 years of service with the Red Cross, Gayle says she enjoys helping people in need and making a difference in people’s lives. “I learned that it’s a wonderful organization to volunteer for.  The people are friendly and great to work with.”

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