Rick Jerry Awarded 2009 Earl and Viola Nelson Health and Safety Award

P6140448After donating blood Rick Jerry picked up a card on the table in the canteen area and was recruited as a Disaster Volunteer who helped out during the Mississippi River Floods of 1993. Since then his volunteer capacities have expanded but he still finds time to donate blood as he is now approaching the 12-gallon mark.

Rick is now a Disaster Action Team Leader, First Aid Instructor, and for four years has been chapter representative to the Brown County Community Corps Council. He has also been a disaster instructor, worked fundraisers and acted as chapter Public Affairs Representative.

Rick has touched the organization in many ways. He is known for his great story telling, his flexibility and his capacity to fill in wherever needed. “He teaches at least two classes a month and has taught over 250 community members the skills vital to save a life.”

“I enjoy teaching the most, but also enjoy the majority of the people I interact with in all of my volunteer capacities,” says Jerry.

The Health & Safety Services Department commended Jerry’s dedication and service with the 2009 Earl and Viola Nelson Health and Safety Award.

Rick’s passion for the Red Cross is evident. He had to rush from the volunteer banquet to meet a new recruit.  “I encourage almost everyone I meet or speak to to become involved in the Red Cross as a volunteer in whatever field they think might suit them.”

Rick says the average “life” of a volunteer is 2-2.5 years. Rick’s 16-years of volunteer service make his story a great story to tell.

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