Red Cross Benefits from Fire over the Fox Event

Fire over the Fox

The American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter volunteered at the Fire over the Fox, 4th of July Celebration sponsored by Festival Foods. Festival Foods provided us with a great opportunity to staff their two food tents at this celebration in Downtown Green Bay for a portion of the event proceeds. This is the Lakeland Chapters third year providing volunteers to staff the event and first year staffing two food tents on each side of the Main St. Bridge. Ninety hard working volunteers between the two tents came out to support the event and the American Red Cross. In compensation for our volunteer’s efforts a portion of the proceeds from the food tents will be donated to the American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter.

“I had a lot of fun and met some really nice people,” said Allyson Bickel, volunteer.

“I knew it was going to be a challenge to staff and logistically manage two tents across the bridge from each other,” said Jody Weyers, Volunteer and Communications Director, American Red Cross Lakeland Chapter. “Our volunteers really stepped up and it showed in the success of the event.”

The proceeds raised from the event will go to support Red Cross programs and services in the community. Thank you again to all the volunteers for your time and energy! 

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